About Us

Way back when 

In 1970, Louisiana Creole Gumbo could be found on Gratiot Ave., on the edge of Eastern Market—back then it was called Luzianne Creole Gumbo and Margerine and Joe Stafford served up the authentic Louisiana and southern-style fare Joe picked up from his mother on Bayou Lafourche in Louisiana. After many years, the Stafford’s brought on three new faces to take over their mantle, and under their skillful guidance, Doug Morison, Joe Spencer, and Charles Martin.

But it was a coin flip that truly decided the fate of Louisiana Creole Gumbo. The emerging entrepreneurs couldn’t decidebetween continuing the tradition of the LCG or developing apartment buildings for Detroit’s thriving new community.Well, you know how the coin landed.

It’s thanks to that coin flip that forty years later, LCG still serves up the Stafford family recipes. From its 2 locationsacross Detroit, Louisiana Creole Gumbo is continuing the traditions, legacy, and love of quality food and company alive in their stores.